As a landscape photographer and innovator of hyperreal landscape photography, my aim is to give an image emotion. It should carry the feelings triggered by the beauty of nature into the world and inspire to dream.


Over the last few years I have taught my techniques in countless workshops and lectures. It is important to me not only to scratch the surface but to dive deep into the material and to give my participants a comprehensive picture.

Brand Embassador

My work as brand ambassador for brands like Sigma, Nisi or Lowepro is very important to me. I work exclusively with brands whose products I can stand behind 100% and which I use.



As a modern landscape photographer, my goal is to transport nature in feelings by means of a photograph. That is why I often spend hours and days in the most beautiful places on earth. Rugged mountains, soft clouds, flowing waters, northern lights and the Milky Way draw me to spots from Iceland via Norway to France and Portugal up to the Atlantic Ocean to capture unique landscapes.

“For me, an excellent picture consists of 30% planning, 30% photography technique and 30% post-processing. The remaining 10% are a bit of luck – Mother Nature always has the last word.”



Milkyway Workshop online Workshop Video Tutorial Fabio Antenore


Manuel Mohorovic

I bought Fabio’s first video tutorial in 2018, the course Hyperreal Landscapes – Long Exposure. The video course is very extensive and Fabio goes into every detail. Beside the Full Workshop video he explains in 3 further videos how he works with filters, what is in his Camera Bag and what else he has as equipment for the tours. It’s fun to watch the tutorial because it’s also filmed at the highest quality level. So learning is fun and you can recommend Fabio with a clear conscience.

Tobias Eckert

The pictures of Fabio appeal to me on an emotional level and that’s why I chose an Island Workshop with him. It was an experience to experience the creation of the pictures first hand, from the planning of the shot to the implementation in the respective shooting situation up to the finished picture. For preparation there is a good script, which can also be used for postproduction. The tips and tricks can be implemented immediately. The workshop contributed to a visible increase in the quality of my pictures. I now photograph differently than before. Very recommendable!

Stefan Klinger

In three workshops by Fabio Antenore I improved my knowledge of photography and image processing considerably. These three courses enabled me to reach the next level.

Mark Sage

Fabio’s eBook is full of very useful tips. It will give a beginning photographer a solid foundation of how to start shooting fine art landscapes and an experienced photographer useful tips and reminders of things you may forget about in the field. Definitely something to always have on hand!

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