Photographer. Coach. Brand Ambassador.

Hey, I’m Fabio

As a modern landscape photographer, my motivation is to transport the feelings of nature through a photograph. That’s why I often spend hours and days at the most beautiful places on earth. Rugged mountains, soft clouds, flowing waters, northern lights and the Milky Way lead me from Iceland to Norway, from France and Portugal all the way across the Atlantic to capture unique landscapes. And it is precisely these captured emotions that bring the beauty of nature closer to the viewer.

“Not the blue sky but the dramatic clouds or cold polar nights attract me to nature photography.”


Hyperreal Landscape Photography

Timeblendings form an integral part of my work and ii is a technique which offers the opportunity to extend a moment to several minutes and hours. The technology serves as a catalyst and allows the sum of the impressions to be condensed in a single image. It’s not just 1/200 of a second that make up the magic of a sunset or a night full of northern lights. The feeling of a picture is the most important component and the technical possibilities of a camera should not restrict me. Therefore I often combine different short exposures, taken over a longer period of time, in one picture.


To get the best out of every picture, perfect planning, harmonious compositions and detailed post-processing is essential. Following this procedure, I invented the hyperreal landscape photography 8 years ago by now, which distinguishes me from the majority of the Swiss landscape photographers.

Under the umbrella “The Landscape Project” I am teaching my techniques in workshops and on photo tours organized in corporation with Amazing Views, Light & byte AG, Freiraumfotografie and other national and international providers.

“For me an excellent picture consists of 30% planning, 30% technique and 30% post-processing. The remaining 10% are luck – mother nature always has the last say.”


I am a regular speaker at various photo fairs and as an influencer with several ten thousand followers I am present on social media platforms and won awards at numerous international contests.

I am official Sigma reference photographer as well as “LowePro”, “DxO”, “Nisi Global”, and “Leofoto” ambassador. And thanks to the cooperation with Trooper.ch, I am prepared for any weather and have the perfect outdoor equipment partner.

As a freelance employee of Falk Media AG and through numerous publications in worldwide specialist journals, my visual material can also be admired in print. And the cooperation with the travel agency “Kontiki Reisen” allows me to spend a lot of time in the far north while shooting pictures for their catalogs.

My early days

After a rather wild youth with many ups and downs I dedicated the first part of my life to music and worked as a DJ and music producer. I graduated in Audio Engineering from the SAE Institute, worked as a live audio engineer and co-founded a studio based on cooperative principles and with the aim to support young talents. For 4 years I have managed the studio and worked as its lead engineer. This until I accidentally discovered photography

Photography fast became an important part of my life. I quickly realized that had more talent in photography than in anything I have done before. I held the first workshops in 2015 and in early 2017 I decided to finally change the industry. Today I work as a full-time photographer.