Who am I?

Fabio Antenore

Photographer / NFT Artist / Coach / Human Being

By means of photography, it has been and still is my goal, to transport nature in feelings.

I often use multiple exposures to create the “perfect” image. Often, even different filters and very different camera settings are used.

“Who wants to be limited by technology?”

A story of style

When I started with photography I originally came from audio engineering. I was the owner of a recording studio and just adapted the way I worked with music to photography. 
I developed this hyperreal style and named it “Hyperreal Landscape Photography” which is now a common description, and used by many others.
Long story short, I just did everything to transport more than just a short moment frozen in time. So I developed the time blending technique, and started to take several pictures at a different shutter speed in order to have on every element in the frame the perfect movement and light.
My goal was always to create pictures like music.
Its like recording a song.
Every element needs the right microphone, preamp, equalizer and compressor. 
And this is exactly how I work in photography.
Every element needs the right exposure time, color, saturation, and contrast.
And all together gives the overview feeling of my  pictures.
They should catch the viewer deeply and make them dream about these wonderful places.
My whole workflow is just made to let the result look as perfect as possible. Doesn’t matter what I have to do to achieve that.


Almost 10 years in Photography 

Over 35

Countries visited

April 2021

Entered NFT

NFT gives me the opportunity to just create art, with no borders

~ Fabio Antenore

My early days

After a rather wild youth with many ups and downs, I dedicated the first part of my life to music and worked as a DJ and music producer. I graduated in Audio Engineering from the SAE Institute, worked as a live audio engineer and co-founded a studio based on cooperative principles and with the aim to support young talents. For 4 years I had managed the studio and worked as its lead engineer. This was until I accidentally discovered photography. Photography soon became an important part of my life. I quickly realized that I had more talent in photography than in anything eIse I have done before. I held the first workshops in 2015. In early 2017 I decided to finally change the industry for good. Today I am working as a full-time photographer.


My life as a photographer

As the inventor of “Hyperreal Landscape Photography” and one of the first worldwide, that has used the “Timeblending Technique” many years ago, I have been able to make a name for myself in recent years and thus far beyond the German-speaking world. I am known for my landscape pictures, which are elaborated in every detail. I leave nothing to chance. This includes the planning as well as the photographic technique and of course the meticulous post-processing.

“For me, an excellent picture consists of 30% planning, 30% photography technique and 30% post-processing. The remaining 10% is a little luck – mother nature always has the last word.”

I often use multiple exposures to create the “perfect” image. Often, even different filters and very different camera settings are used.

“Who wants to be limited by technology?”

Since my very beginnings, it has been my passion to educate other photographers so that they can learn my techniques and reach the next level of skills. I am a regular speaker at various photo fairs and photography lecturer at the SAE institute Zürich. I published my German video tutorial series in 2018 and doubled it with an English series in 2019 in which I show all my signature techniques to the whole world of photography.

For more than 7 years I regularly conduct photo trips, workshops and tours in Switzerland and the rest of the world and I am published in numerous German and English magazines and online portals. After all of these publications I decided to release my first Fine-Art photography book in December 2020. This book contains some of my most favorite and most known pictures in high quality in over 200 pages.

Social Media

I have invested a lot of effort in social media during the past years to build a strong community.
As a photographer with a total of over 300k followers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter I am present on all of the most important social media platforms, and place on a daily basis my work to display and also show a lot of background footage to my audience.


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Photography Contests

I am not mainly a contest photographer, but I still participated in the past years on some of the most important international photography contests and won several gold, silver and bronze awards at contests like, ILPOTY 2016, ISOP 2016, Epson Pano Award 2017/2018, TIFA 2017, Sony World 2018, Trierenberg Super Circuit 2021, Vewbug, and many more.

Brand Cooperations

As a professional photographer, I have the honor to work closely with many photography brands which let me be part of their ambassador team and which are using my name and work to represent their products. I am an official Sigma Germany reference photographer as well as “LowePro” Switzerland, “Nisi Global”, and “Leofoto” Switzerland ambassador. And I am powered by Fujifilm Switzerland.


In 2020, just as the rest of the world, my entire life changed.
Because of the International Covid restrictions I had to cancel most of my workshops and speeches and I wasn’t able to travel anymore.
From one day to another I was facing extreme financial difficulties.
But after I lost 80% of my income during the pandemic, I discovered in April 2021 the NFT space, which changed everything once more and is now a really important part of my professional work and life.
Here I am, and I am here to stay!

I have so many plans, from 1/1 pieces and complete collections to custom contract NFT’s.
Since April, I have worked as hard as possible to make me a name in the space and every day i am a little bit closer.
You can follow my journey on my Twitter profile or on Instagram.
Im happy to share everything with you.

NFT Overview

But why am I doing all that?

I have been a creative person ever since. During my whole childhood and youth the only thing that was important to me was creating.
First it was mostly music and sound design. During my teenage years I also had a phase in which I started with graffiti and those things. But I was never really talented, because I am not really good at working with my hands. I was one of those children that always painted over the lines when I had to paint in school.

So for the whole first part of my life I was just dedicated to music. Sure, I made some smaller successes but..
My life as a music producer was rather difficult and to be honest I didn’t have a lot of talent. What I do have, however, is a strong will and a great tendency to perfectionism. While other producers created music without much effort, these processes were always a struggle for me. 

This changed in 2012 when we shot a music video for a song I had produced. We lacked a photographer to capture behind the scenes images of the video shoot.
So I bought my first DSLR camera and tried my luck with photography. Right from the beginning I felt neither pressure nor stress, and at the same time, I took beautiful pictures. Somehow it just went very smoothly.
I found my real passion and talent in photography and editing.

I remember how I always felt when someone said “I am an artist” or when someone talked about “creativity”.
For me it was all just some kind of “hocus pocus” when I was younger. And maybe an excuse because they are doing something which they are just not good at.
That’s why I never called myself an “artist”. 

But today I have a totally different opinion about that.

I am what I am

I think I am an artist all through. 90% of my thoughts are about my art.
And all I want to achieve with my art are feelings.
My pictures are a part of me. They transport the feelings I had during the shooting and editing to the viewer. They are a way to express myself, a way to explain the things I am not able to with spoken words.

And NFT helps me to spread my words!