The Purple Flavour Collection

For six years now,  I have travelled every lavender season to the beautiful „Plateau de Valensole“ and spent a couple of weeks in this amazing region.

The Purple Flavour Collection is not only a collection. It is a part of my life.I have made many local friends, which gave me the opportunity to also shoot some of their hidden treasures, other than the mainstream touristic fields.

Every year when I return to Valensole it feels as if I am ought to be coming home.
For it is not only because of the locals which in the meantime became almost a part of my family.

Valensole is just like out of a fairy tale.
The beautiful purple fields, the scent of lavender, the buzzing of the bees and the sun of the south France. I just love it. Furthermore.. I just simply need it.
Additionally, it’s not only outstanding during the day. Even at night there is mostly an absolute clear sky, which lets me shoot our galaxy in its incredible beauty.

All the colors and the possibility to compose the fields in photography influenced my style in a way like nothing else.

It is the main reason why I became addicted to colors and leading lines.

And the flavour. Have you ever smelt this amazing purple flavour?

What is more is that when I’m back home and I open my luggage I can still smell the fragrance, and dream about the endless fields of Valensole.
I hope you can feel the purple flavour of the lavender in these pictures, and share this dream with me.

The Roadmap

This collection is the first part of my „Hyperreal Landscapes Photography“ book series.
In December 2020 I released my first Fine-Art book, which includes over 180 of my best pictures, on 204 pages.
I will release every section of my book as a collection. One after one.

Purple Flavour is the first chapter of this book.
And also the first Hyperreal Collection will be released on Opensea.
But this collection contains even more of my works than is presented in the book. It. contains 30 of my most favorite pictures from Valensole, taken in the past 6 years.

-Collection Sold Out
Airdrop for every current collector with a 1/30 edition, special release

-Floor Price over 0.8 ETH
Airdrop for the 5 highest last sales (sale minimum 0.65 ETH) with a 1/5 edition, special release

-Floor Price over 1.5 ETH
Airdrop for the 2 highest last sales (sale minimum 1.5 ETH) of a special 1/2 Edition special release

-First sale above 3 ETH
Airdrop with a 1/1 edition special release for this collector

More coming soon..

1- Every collector who has collected more than one of my works in this collection from the first market, or more than three from the secondary is invited to send me a message with his or her address and I will send him a signed copy of my Book.

2- If someone has collected multiple pairs of different collections (from the first market) I will send you a print of one of the pictures.

And soon there will be more surprises coming….

Like always I will donate 10% of all my earnings to the Bali Dog Association.